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Trust Collaboration has been on the market since 2010. The head office is in Toruń. Over the years, we have accumulated the necessary experience that allows us to act in every situation. Our employees are qualified staff with experience in dealing with Polish and foreign companies. We provide, among others, logistic consulting, customs services, we carry out even the most complex warehouse processes and organize transports. Cooperation with us means professional and timely delivery of the service and, most importantly, our customers' satisfaction.

Logistics services company


Trust Collaboration Sp z o.o. is a logistics company that has been working in this industry for 10 years. Based in Toruń, Poland, the company offers solutions to outsource the logistics part of your activity, with our logistics platform, located at the convergence of the main Polish roads, thus facilitating the transport of goods.

Calling on a logistics company has many advantages because inventory management, order preparation or sending packages are operations that require very specific know-how and time to be allocated which is not always available in your company. With Trust Collaboration Sp z o.o. logistics services, companies can devote themselves fully to the development of their commercial activity.

In addition, the services of our company are perfectly adapted to your needs. Our logistics offer responds to your peaks of activity (Christmas period, sales, commercial operations throughout the year) and assures you of great responsiveness to an influx of orders.

You can count on our experts to support you in setting up logistics solutions that take into account the seasonality of incoming demand.

Our experience also allows us to collaborate with the most efficient road, air and sea transport companies, which is a guarantee of satisfaction for our customers.

What we do ?

  • We are strengthening the position of European producers in the Middle East.
  •  We provide small, medium and large enterprises with the highest quality products mainly from Europe.
  • We prepare offers and cost estimate for products.
  • We offer a comprehensive logistics service related to handling goods, customs agency and storage.
  • We transport goods „door-to-door”.
  • We negotiate terms of orders with producers.
  • We organize and monitor matters related to loading, reloading and transporting products.

Why us ?

  • Experienced and qualified staff.
  • We can speak English, Arabic and Polish fluently.
  • Established market position.
  • We have business partners on many levels.
  • We insure the shipment with additional Cargo insurance for customer needs.
  • Individual approach to each order.
  • We have our own warehouse.
  • We have a wide range of products.
  • We take part regularly in industry fairs around the world.
Scope of logistics services

In response to the demand of our customers we offer transports on the line Europe-Africa, South America, North America, Asia.

The range of goods we handle is very diverse and includes, among others..:

  • refrigerated loads,
  • shipbuilding products - parts of ships,
  • oversized products
  • petroleum products and oversized products,
  • Liquid cargoes,
  • professional articles (decorative, food, cosmetic, clothing, etc.)
  • machines and cars.

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