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Ul. B. Głowackiego 20

87-100 Toruń, Poland


Trust Collaboration has been on the market since 2010. The head office is in Toruń. Over the years, we have accumulated the necessary experience that allows us to act in every situation. Our employees are qualified staff with experience in dealing with Polish and foreign companies. We provide, among others, logistic consulting, customs services, we carry out even the most complex warehouse processes and organize transports. Cooperation with us means professional and timely delivery of the service and, most importantly, our customers' satisfaction.

Logistics and Transport in Poland

Today, logistics is a factor in the competitiveness of companies in Poland. A transport and logistics company is able to take care of the transport of professionals while guaranteeing an adapted logistics process. This is a transport-logistics, storage, inventory management, multimodal transport or groupage service for professionals. As a specialist in Polish logistics transport, Trust Collaboration sp z o.o. is responsible for your products from loading to delivery, including transport conditions as well as product management (packaging, transport regulations, etc.). Storage and warehousing of goods is an integral part of the missions of transport companies. Obviously, the transport company also takes care of road services and management of the vehicle fleet.

Flow management

Flow management corresponds to the management of all activities leading to the distribution of products. Good flow management depends essentially on respecting and optimizing delivery times, in order to guarantee rapid and precise delivery in a just-in-time flow process. Emergencies must be a priority for a transport and logistics company, so you have to be responsive and able to make rapid operational decisions.

Risk management

Risk management is a real culture for transport and logistics companies. Our high-quality services allow us to prevent the risks associated with your goods, particularly in terms of hygiene control, product compliance, the cold chain or even safe handling.

Quality and safety processes must imperatively be respected by logistics and transport management companies, this is a rigorous environmental and managerial commitment.

TrustCo's commitments

At Trust Collaboration, we leverage our know-how on operational excellence in transport and logistics in order to perfect links in our supply chain. We take care of all the logistics of your products and offer you personalized solutions for your advertising and promotional actions, particularly concerning merchandising and operational marketing. Tailor-made offers tailored to your needs and your industry will be available to you to ensure the punctual supply of your goods. Our general cargo transport company aims to satisfy customers at all levels.

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